Youth Service Homelessness Prevention & Mental Health Awareness Team

Youth Homelessness Prevention


Three strand provention model  

  • Strand One - Educationing the mass (through schools & education providers ) this is aimed at young people over the age of 15 years old. when we discuss the homelessness process. 
  • Strand Two - This is more focused work through a referral process, staff can work one to one or in groups. The team look at prevention work around behaviour, budgeting, independent living skills, young people’s rights and where and who to speak to if in need.   
  •  Strand Three - This is when we work with young people and families are living in alternative housing i.e hotels

Contact: NPT Youth Service  Emma Culleton or Andrew Davies 

Telephone: 01639763030

Please watch our prevention video below:

NPT Youth Homesless process is below as a PDF: 

Youth Homelessness Flowchart - Final April 22 Youth Homelessness Flowchart - Final April 22